BBC English For You

Title: English For You
Level: Intermediate
Publisher: BBC
Duration: ~50min/lesson
Quantity: 20 videos
Quality: 352×272 XviD | 25fps 570kps | MP3 128kbps 2ch
Size: 4.17 GB
Format: AVI
Language: British English

Recommened! The Teacher is Christopher O’Connell. This video tutorial is a must for both teachers and students! There are 18 lessons and 2 reviews. With these videos, you will enjoy learning English grammar through fun stories. If you’re bored of learning grammar in classroom, this video tutorial is your choice!

The intemediate course features:
Lesson 1 Horror films
- Review verb and tense
Lesson 2 Rock n Roll
- Review sentence structure and pronouns
Lesson 3 Space
- Passive
Lesson 4 On the farm
- Review modals, introduce passive with modal auxiliaries, ought to, is able to
Lesson 5 At the doctor?s office
- Review modals, present perfect; intro: past modals, past perfect
Lesson 6 At the circus
- Review past perfect, hope and wish; intro: present/future conditional
Lesson 7 At the beach
- Review could, would, might; intro: second conditional
Lesson 8 Crime doesn?t pay
- Review 1st, 2nd cond., intro: 3rd cond.
Lesson 9 At the amusement park
- Review gerunds, intro: infinitives
Lesson 10 At the grocery store
- Review adjectives, count/noncount nouns; intro: adjective endings, participles, quantitatives
Lesson 11 At the playground
- Review subject, verb etc.; intro: phrases
Lesson 12 At the camp
- Review question words; intro: noun clauses
Lesson 13 At home
- Review there is/there are, some/any, adjectives; intro: adverbs, as??as
Lesson 14 Fairy Tales and Legends
- Review adverbs; intro: adverb clauses
Lesson 15 Christmas
- Review adj./noun clauses, continue adverb clauses
Lesson 16 In the workshop
- Review and, but, so; intro: transition words
Lesson 17 Under the water
- Review verb tense formation; intro: phrasal verbs
Lesson 18 At the doctors
- Review phrase/clause, say/tell/ask; intro: recorded speech, clause-phrase reduction
Lesson 19 Review lessons 1-9
Lesson 20 Review: lessons 10-18

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  1. lucas says:

    I want to know if there is the advanced level of this course.

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