Happy New Year 2018

Wishing Everyone a Bright and Happy New Year #2018
May this new year bring lots of colour and fun to your life.

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Welcome 2017

Happy holidays from our family to you! (Texas Trips )

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IHY Cleaveland 2016

Immigrant Heritage Year (#

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Where are you from?


What was it like growing up?

I lived with my family in the capital city of Thailand and I went to school by bus close to home. I had dinner with my family everyday. My parents told me education is important and they encouraged me to practice English and apply for many scholarships.

What brought you to Cleveland?

I got a PHD scholarship from the government to study abroad. I chose the USA because it’s the greatest country in the world. The many technologies, research – everything in my field comes from the USA.

What were your first thoughts on coming to the United States of America? Did those change?

I was excited to come here and be here. This is my first time being here, I’m alone and I have to study for 4 years without my friends and family so I have to adapt a lot, but I’m excited. I had heard that the culture was totally different but I didn’t know until I arrived. I learned quickly people don’t take of their shoes. In my country soda is not popular but here people drink it. Native people here speak very fast and they have a lot of slang. I also noticed people don’t use an umbrella in the sun, we take one everywhere when the sun is out but here not so much but I’ve only been here 5 days. I have to walk a lot and this place is very quiet. I compare it to my town which is dark. The sunsets very late here. It affects my sleeping and it’s just different from home.

What traditions and customs will you continue to practice?

I will cook here, that’s the only one I have to continue. Nothing special I just want to learn to cook different types of food not just my country.

Why is it important to welcome immigrants and refugees?

Because we don’t know a lot of things. We are foreign and our English might not be good and we might not have any friends, but if someone welcome us it is very useful and helpful.

Why is it important to study abroad?

Because it opens opportunities, and it makes your vision so much better than just your country. There is so much to discover when you travel. We should travel to gain new experiences.

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16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)
Source: www.grammarcheck.net

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Welcome to Cleveland 2016




American Accents

ฝึกพูดกับคนอเมริกันจริงๆที่อเมริกาเพียง 1 สัปดาห์

ได้ผลดีกว่าเรียนทฤษฎีในหนังสือ 1 ปี….


Cleveland Accent VDO >>

Ohio is the home of a number of different dialects and accents. You can drive an hour and somebody will say a word you’ve never heard in your life. What’s a devil strip? It’s called a tree lawn! (If you don’t know what these terms mean, allow me to direct you).

However, it isn’t just what words we use in conversation but how we say them. It’s certainly not as obvious as a Southern twang or Jersey accent, but it must be distinguishable enough to point it out in conversation. Cleveland isn’t the only city with this sort of accent. Many large midwestern and east coast cities such as Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, and Buffalo New York, possess a dialect where vowel pronunciation shifts with sharper sounds, sometimes changing how the vowel sounds as a whole. For example, the word ‘not’ will most likely be pronounced by a person with a Cleveland accent as ‘naht.’ Our mouths make less of an ‘o’ shape when we say words with the short ‘o’ sound.

So, why do we say them the way we do? The weird shift in vowel sounds in major northern cities was first noticed in the 1960s, and it wasn’t until 1972 that linguists called this the Northern Cities Vowel Shift . Vowels, especially A’s, started to sound more nasal. They began to take the place of other vowels in words. The word ‘caught’ might sound more similar to the word ‘cat’ then in ‘cot.’ Linguist William Labov says that the construction of the Erie Canal, which was built and completed from the late 1810s to mid-1820s, may have been the cause for such vocal shifts, as workers from many east coast states constructed the canal and communicated with midwestern workers. One thing must have lead to another, and accents were spread to places such as Cleveland, Ohio.

You may be thinking, oh my gosh, (or oh my gahsh), what a great accent. How do I speak in it? What can I do to master such a beautiful and definitely not nasally accent? Here are some tips and tricks from yours truly.

Every word with the short ‘o’ sound now sounds like how you would say ‘cat.’ If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can replace the ‘o’ with the ‘aw’ sound. Instead of ‘dog’, try ‘dawwg.’ What’s up, dawg? (Sorry).

End every question with a preposition. Where are you guys at? When writing papers I often have to remember you shouldn’t end sentences with prepositions. Don’t blame me; blame Cleveland! They did this to me!

It’s pop, not soda. Or, if you really want to master the Cleveland sound, ‘pahp.’

Sure, the Cleveland accent isn’t as attractive or admired as other tones and dialects, but for me, it emphasizes a large part of my identity: that I am Cleveland-bred. I still hope for successful sports seasons. I play cornhole like a boss, and I pronounce odyssey like “aahdyssey.”

From: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/what-cleveland-accent

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“Main Street(ถนนชีวิต)”

The rolling plains of Sauk Center MN became the launching pad of the most popular American writer of the Jazz Age, Sinclair Lewis. In 1920, America was rocked by the publication of Main Street, a satirical novel ridiculing middle-class values and American smugness. He was called the conscience of his

ถนนชีวิต (Main Street)ถนนชีวิต (Main Street) ของ ซินแคลร์ เลวิส (Sinclair Lewis) แปลโดย มวจ.ขบวนสาม)

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Happy New Year 2015

HNY2015-04Many people make new year’s resolutions. My resolutions are english improvements that I plan to pass GRE and TOEFL. I really have to hit ESL resources hard everynight. I have a big test (GRE and TOFEL) that I have to study for. These tests so important…for study top gradute schools in USA.

My Books

Essential Words for the TOEFLEssential Words for the GRE

My Apps

Essential Words for the TOEFL_App Essential Words for the GRE_App

eBooks (Online Resources)

1,014 Practice Questions , 2nd Edition 400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL 978-0071700528 Barron's New GRE, 19th Cambridge Preparation for the TOEF Cracking the GRE, 2013 Cracking the TOEFL iBT with CD Essential Words for the TOEFL ETS-Big-Book-Review GRE Math Prep Course Kaplan gre Math workbook 7th edition Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM New GRE 2011-2012 Premier New GRE Math Workbook (Kaplan GRE) Speaking and Writing Strategies for TOEFL iBT TOEFL iBT High Score System TOEFL Official Guide, 3rd Ed verbal-workout-for-gre-4th-edition

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Learn english by songs

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Biomed Girl(2014)

IMG_3783I like to give encouragement to anybody who thinks positively.

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The Kings Speech

The Kings Speech – Official Trailer

The real story of George VI The King’s Speech.

The King’s (Real) Speech

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