English Discoveries

English Discoveries (12 CD)

English Discoveries is the resulting product of a joint development effort of Berlitz and EDUsoft, a product designed to provide Speakers of Other/ Foreign Languages with a tool that enables them to survive and thrive in an English-speaking environment. English Discoveries represents a completely new concept in ESL/EFL computer software technology – a full-color, multimedia learning system that makes it fast, fun and easy for young adults and adults to learn English.

Key Pedagogical Principles:
* Integrated Modalities of Language Learning
* An eclectic educational approach including specific practice of different skills along with use of authentic language.
* Division of the course into stand-alone modules with each module covering specific grammar subjects, language skills and approximately 300 new vocabulary items
* Based on accepted curricula (Council of Europe, Berlitz Schools) with the documentation of the topics and vocabulary used in each module.
* Maximum re-entry and reuse of vocabulary and structures throughout the course.
* Multiple options of covering the material in order to account for individual differences and styles in educational goals including: directive learning (through set lessons), selective learning (through choice of different language skills) and exploratory non-directive learning (through use of English in a game situation).
* Use of adaptive evaluation where all language, vocabulary and reading exercises automatically adapt themselves to student performance insuring that students are practicing at their own level.
* Availability of tools which take advantage of the capabilities of the computer (i.e. word processor, multi-lingual lexicon, context-sensitive help, grammar book).


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