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Are you learning English? Or are you an English teacher?
Either way… if you’re looking for a fun and interesting English magazine for learning or teaching English then you’ve come to the right place.
Hot English magazine is a leading English resource. It’s fun and colourful approach to teaching real English as it’s spoken by native speakers is popular around the world. Loved by both students and teachers, there’s something for everyone and all levels in Hot English magazine.

Hi. Welcome to Hot English magazine.

– What’s your name?
– My name is Louise
– And how old are you?
– I’m 29 years old
– Where are you from?
– I’m from Brisbane, Australia
– And where were you born?
– I was born in Alice Springs, in Australia, which is a small town in the very centre of the country.
– And how many people are there in town? What’s the population of this town?
– About 100,000 people, I think.
– Ok. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
– Yes, I have. I’ve got two sisters and one brother.
– And what are their names?
– Their names are Jane, Elizabeth and Peter.
– Very good. What are your parents’ names?
– My parents’ names are Christine and John.
– And what do your parents do?
– My mother works for a department store and my father is a builder.
– What do you do?
– I’m a librarian.
– Where do you work?
– I work in a government department, in a small library.
– Ok. What’s your favourite type of music?
– I like folk music.
– Ok. And your favourite singer?
– Probably Ani DiFranco.
– Where is she from?
– She’s from the USA.
– Ok. And what’s your… what are your favourite type of films?
– I like old films, classic movies from the 1930’s and 40’s.
– Do you have a particular favourite?
– Probably “Gone with the Wind”. It’s a classic.
– Ok, thank you very much.

Ok, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed it!


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