Improve your english By listening  Audiobooks !

> Buddha (Audiobook)

Listening audiobooks will improve your english understanding. You can find many english audiobooks with its texts on this blog. Have enjoy with those audiobooks.

More Details > Effortless English

DL > The Worlds 100 Greatest Books(audiobooks)

DL > 101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers (Audiobook)

> Improve Your American English Accent

>Callan Method

> American Accent Training

> Pronounce it Perfectly in American English

DL > English for Presentations

> The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

>” 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More “

> The Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Clean Up Your Writing

DL > Fluent English

DL > Pronouncing American English

DL > English for the Real World (ESL)

Suggested Audio Book collections: รวบรวมไว้สำหรับฝึกฟังภาษาอังกฤษ มีให้เลือกหลายเล่ม

Why Download Audio Books?

Audio books – an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of literature, and, most importantly, you can make it anywhere: at work, home, leisure, travel, etc. – AudioBooks can be with you everywhere. We do not know who invented the first to truly “speaking” books, but audio books has long been firmly entered the lives of many lovers of literature, where every day more and more. Today, therefore, already so many people striving not only to create their own library of publications, they are engaged in collecting audio books. And this is not surprising: audio represent not only the artistic value – they have several
features and advantages, chief between them – that they you can just listen. You need only download audio book online into Your PC or iPod, and then the game will allows actors and music into the world of travel books and see a brighter images of heroes.

Download Links:



Audiobook – Collections.rar (10,985 KB)

Audiobook – 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS.rar (39,129 KB)

Audiobook – 25 Things to Say to the Interviewer.rar (37,924 KB)

Audiobook – Be Decisive & Action Oriented.rar (1,904 KB)

Audiobook – Telephoning in English.rar (16,993 KB)

Audiobook – English for the Real World CD 01.rar (50,330 KB)

Audiobook – English for the Real World CD 02.rar (35,428 KB)

Audiobook – Everyday Business English.rar (48,007 KB)

Audiobook – First Things First.rar (2,115 KB)

Audiobook – How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.rar (37,677 KB)

Audiobook – In the Sphere of Silence.rar (34,179 KB)

Audiobook – In the Sphere of Silence.rar (34,418 KB)

Audiobook – Magic of Thinking Big.rar (46,355 KB )

Audiobook – Motivation Power.rar (61,728 KB)

Audiobook – Reading a Person’s Mind Like a Book.rar (38,017 KB)

Audiobook – Speak English with Americal Accent.rar (25,681 KB)

Audiobook – Who Moved My Cheese.rar (4,724 KB)


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  1. unknownHuman says:

    thank you Bio Engineering girl for your information in this site. It help me a lot to improve my English skills. I will come visit here regularly. thank again !!!!!

  2. ekkarach says:

    thank you for sharing also help me a lot to improve my English skills.

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