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Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest episode of your chosen programme as soon as it’s available.

See Introduction from teachertrainingvideos.com
> http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/eltPods/index.html

My Favorite ESL Podcasts

1.ESLPod: “English as a Second Language Podcast”
ESLPod.com is run by a team of experienced English as a Second Language professors with over 30 years of high school, adult, and university ESL teaching experience. Dr. Lucy Tse writes scripts and story ideas for the podcasts, and records many of the dialogs and stories. The host for the podcast is Dr. Jeff McQuillan, who helps read the scripts and provides explanations for them.
> http://www.eslpod.com/website/index_new.html

2.Breaking News
EFL / ESL English Lesson Plans & Podcast for studying Current Events and News.
Thousands of FREE 13-PAGE, READY-TO-PRINT HANDOUTS, Downloads & Quizzes.
Keep up with the news and learn English – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.
> http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/

3.BBC – Podcasts – Talk About English (Learn English) Improve your English vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills with the BBC. Our weekly features and interviews will help you practise and develop your English. We cover a range of topics using everyday informal language, highlighting useful words and expressions.                                                                   > http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts

4.British Council Podcasts
Practise your English language listening skills with the Elementary Podcasts. Listen to them on your computer, or download and save them on your mp3 player.
> http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/elementary-podcasts

5.ELT Podcasts:
ELT stands for English Language Teaching. ELT Podcast is the home of several podcasts for learners and teachers of English as a second or foreign language.
> http://www.eltpodcast.com/

6.Australia Network – Learn English – Video Podcasts

>Australia Network – English Bites
> Australia Network – Learning English – Video Podcasts

7.  Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™
Mignon Fogarty is the host of Grammar Girl and founder of Quick and Dirty Tips.  Prior to becoming a grammar guru, Mignon was a magazine and technical writer, and an entrepreneur.  Mignon has a B.A. in English from the University of Washington in Seattle and an M.S. in biology from Stanford University.


English Podcast the simple way to improve your English.

See VDO > Introduction to Learn English Online


Podcasts Useful Links :

ESL Podcasts ฟังบทเรียน

  • ESL Podcasts. New podcasts are added frequently by ESL podcasters.
  • ESL Pod. The podcasts are all recorded at a speed you can understand—clearly and comprehensibly.
  • ITESLJ Podcast. Links of Interest to Teachers and Students of English as a Second Language.

News Podcasts ฟังข่าว

  • CNN’s podcasting service. Consists of news and information files that may be downloaded to your computer and/or transferred to your portable MP3 player.

Other Sites:

  • Top 25 podcasts. The most listened to and watched podcasts on Podcast.com for the previous month.
  • Free English Now. Listen to stories from the Bible, and repeat sentence by sentence after the reader.
  • History Podcast. A podcast devoted to learning about historical figures, events, and places.

Allso see


The English Blog: Podcasts
Internet resources, reviews, news, tips and trivia for learners and teachers of English
ESL Aloud
The ESL Aloud podcast lessons are designed for people who want to increase their abilities in speaking English as a second langiage (ESL).
Learn English | British Council
English as a Second Language Podcast
English as a Second Language Podcast
Free Lesson Feed » EnglishPod
Podcast | Business Spotlight Online
An Idiom a Day with Dave Jackson
Teaches an English idiomatic expression a day by listening to a fun one minute lesson.
englishbanana.com – 10 English Idioms in 10 Minutes! | Free Podcast
10 English Idioms in 10 Minutes, free podcast, englishbanana.com – games, quizzes, resources and links for teachers and students of English, ESL and EFL
American English Pronunciation Podcasts
Write Back Soon | Radio Lingua Network
Course Outline Title: Write Back Soon Level: Complete beginners Presenter: Presented by Gerry and features Duncan and
Listen, learn and teach English for elementary and pre-intermediate English learners
podcasting website for elementary level learners of English
Listen to English – learn English! – The podcast website for people learning English
Two short (5 minutes or less) podcasts every week in clearly spoken English will help you to improve your listening skills and learn new words and expressions. Many podcasts are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes or to quizes or exercises.
Free English lessons ESL podcasts
Grammar Grater | Podcasts | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ
Grammar Grater™ is a weekly podcast about English words, grammar and usage for the Information Age.
ESL Aloud
Selected MP3 Files for ESL/EFL Students – Currently Featuring ESLpod
Podcast.com is the ultimate podcast collection.
Podcast.com is the ultimate podcast collection. Find podcasts from around the world. Play, collect, download and share any podcast.
Dictionary.com Word Explorer @ podcast.com
Top 25 podcasts — the most listened to and watched podcasts on Podcast.com for the previous month.
podictionary – for word lovers – daily stories, trivia & dictionary etymology
CNN.com – Podcasting
CNN Podcasting is a way to receive audio and video files over the Internet. These feeds deliver audio and video broadcasts to your desktop. You can listen to these files on your computer or load them on to your MP3 player and take them with you.
Audio Books, Podcasts, and Free Downloads
LearnOutLoud.com is your one-stop destination for audio and video learning. Browse over 20,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.
Speaking English Podcast – Your resource for English pronunciation and vocabulary questions
About.com: http://www.englishteacherjohn.com/
Children’s stories & Tales From the Forest
Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free | Open Culture
Download free MP3’s of great works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Authors include Twain, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Asimov, HG Wells, Jules Verne & more…
The Story So Far
What is a podcast?

Here’s the basic answer. Podcasts are essentially radio shows available for download over the Internet, and you can listen to them on your iPod, other portable mp3 players, and computer. Instead of being broadcast over the airwaves and eventually lost, as happens with traditional radio shows, podcasts can be stored and played at the user’s convenience. Think of it as a TIVO in audio.

iTunes Basic :

1 หลักการทำงานเบื้องต้นระหว่าง iTunes กับ iPod/iPhone
> http://www.macmuemai.com/content/396

2.การใช้งาน iTunes: apple ได้สร้างระบบ Tutorial เป็นวิดีโอ ที่เข้าใจง่าย และเห็นภาพชัดเจนที่
> http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/windows/tutorial/index.html

3.You can use the iTunes Universities (or iTunes U) and listen college  lectures taught by professors and listen to other educational podcats, in this free iTunes video lesson taught by an iPod user and expert on music

4.How to use iTunes for Podcasting
> http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-use-iTunes-for-Podcasting-3455

How do I download and listen to podcasts? The iTunes Way

Given the prevalence of Apple’s iPod/iPhone, discussing the Apple way of downloading podcasts is unavoidable.

Allso see: > http://www.openculture.com/2007/03/podcast_primer.html

Download Suggested Podcasts:

1.Welcome to EnglishPod.mp3
2.Difficult Customer_B0001pr.mp3
3.Calling In Sick_B0002pr.mp3
4.Hotel Upgrade_B0003pr.mp3
5.I need an assistant!B0004pr.mp3
6.Cut in Line_B0005pr.mp3
7.Road Trip_B0006pr.mp3
9.Third Week at EnglishPod_JI0002pr.mp3
10.What’s your name again_B0008pr.mp3
11.Silence please!_B0009pr.mp3
12.EnglishPod Challenge!_TJI0003pr.mp3
13.Driving Sales_C0010pr.mp3
14.New Guy in Town_D0011pr.mp3
15.Cleaning the House_C0012pr.mp3
16.Out Of Control Spending_C0013pr.mp3
16.1.Pete the Voice Guy_TJI0004pr.mp3
17.I’m in Debt_B0014pr.mp3
18.Vocabulary Review_TJI0005pr.mp3
19.Turn left here!_B0016pr.mp3
20.Here Comes the Bride_B0017pr.mp3
23.Christmas Chronicles I_C0019pr.mp3
24.Can See Clearly Now_B0020prI.mp3
25.Live Conference with Marco and Erica!_TJI0007pr.mp3
26.What Do You Do_C0021pr.mp3
27.Christmas Chronicles II_C0022pr.mp3
28.Great Week_TJI0008pr.mp3
29.Making an Appointment _B0023pr.mp3
30.Where should we eat_B0024pr.mp3
31.Battle of the Marcos_TJI0009pr.mp3
32.Planning For The Worst_D0025pr.mp3
33.New Year Resolution_B0026pr.mp3
34.Asking for Time Off_B0027pr.mp3
35.I’m Sorry I, Love You II_C0028pr.mp3
36.Investing in Emerging Markets_E0029pr.mp3
37. New Guy in Town II_C0030pr.mp3
38.Jeking in the studio!_TJI0010pr.mp3
39.Canceling an Appointment_B0031pr.mp3
40.Opening a Bank Account_C0032pr.mp3
42.Battle of the Marcos-Reloaded_TJI0011pr.mp3
43.Live from Washington_D0034pr.mp3
44.He’s not a Good Fit_C0035pr.mp3
45.I’m Sorry, I Love You III_B0036pr.mp3
46. New Member to the EnglishPod Team_TJI0012pr.mp3
47.Chinese New Year_C0037pr.mp3
48.Buying a Car_C0038pr.mp3
49.My New Boyfriend_B0039pr.mp3
50.Lovely Sarah_TJI0013pr.mp3
51.Can I ask you a favor_B0040pr.mp3
52.Movie Trailer_C0041pr.mp3

Source From อ.พิพัฒน์ > http://english-for-thais-2.blogspot.com/


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