>Oral Presentation

English for Presentations (Student’s Book and Audio)
Publisher: OUP Oxford 2007 | 80 Pages | ISBN: 0194579360 | PDF + WMA | 52 MB

Download Link :
> http://www.freshwap.net/ebooks/120831-english-for-presentations-students-book-and-audio.html

Presenting for Success
BEP | 2009 | PDF – MP3 | 206 MB

Presenting for Success for ESL e-Book features MP3 audio, PDF and online lessons on the following essential English skills for business presentations:
Presenting for Success is a comprehensive audio study guide to the language and skills you need to give presentations in English more fluently, more confidently and more successfully. Learn on the go with 3-hours of audio lessons, review key language and techniques with the detailed 100-page study guide, including a full transcript of each lesson.

  1. Introducing your presentation
  2. Signposting your presentation
  3. Describing visuals and charts
  4. Talking about trends and rates of change
  5. Interpreting trends – making predictions
  6. Using your voice
  7. Pausing and stress
  8. Summarizing and finishing off
  9. Starting the Q&A
  10. Answering questions
  11. Redirecting questions

Source: > http://www.businessenglishpod.com/learningcenter2/ebooks/presenting-for-success/

Download Link :
> http://www.downarchive.com/ebooks/78513-presenting-for-success.html

Presentation Lessons on You tube

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